You know that proper lubrication and maintenance will keep your equipment running smooth. Our premium greases help extend the life of your equipment – reducing costly downtime and repair expenses.

  • Fluid Gear Grease

    Fluid Gear Grease is high performance #00 grade lithium-based grease designed for special agricultural equipment applications. Fluid Gear Grease offers superior lubricating qualities when compared to gear oils, as well as providing resistance to leakage.

  • Golden-Glo Grease

    Golden-Glo is a lithium-based grease designed for use in conventional applications requiring good grease lubrication. An economical grease lubricant, Golden-Glo is capable of handling a wide range of greasing needs.

  • Moly Plus Grease

    Moly Plus is a high performance #2 lithium complex grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Moly Plus is an excellent grease for most applications because of its high dropping point and EP properties.

  • Poly Supreme Grease

    Poly Supreme is advanced technology poly-urea based grease. Poly Supreme outperforms traditional “soap” based greases with excellent low temperature properties, unsurpassed water wash out resistance and unparalleled shear stability.

  • Slippery Goo Grease

    Slippery Goo is multi-purpose, lithium-based, extreme pressure grease. Slippery Goo meets the demands of water and heat resistance needed in today’s farm equipment because it is enhanced with tackifiers and extreme pressure additives.

  • Tacky HT Grease

    Tacky HT is an extra tacky, high-temperature, lithium complex grease with excellent multipurpose properties. It is formulated with extreme pressure (EP) additives, anti-wear agents, and long-lasting corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.