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LubeScan kits

LubeScan® is a comprehensive used oil analysis program designed as a tool for potential use in many ways.

LubeScan can:

Aid in diagnosing the condition of the customer’s oil lubricated equipment
Help indicate excess contamination
Assist in determining optimum drain intervals
Increase potential resale value of tested equipment

Why use the LubeScan used oil analysis program

The LubeScan used oil analysis program uses sophisticated instrumentation to measure small amounts of contaminants such as dirt, wear metals, coolant and fuel dilution in a sample of used oil. Using LubeScan on a regular basis will establish a base line or historic trend for that particular equipment and abnormally high wear rates or contamination can be more easily identified. Corrective actions can be taken before catastrophic damage occurs if abnormal levels are found. This testing is done on a contract basis with CTC Analytical Services, which also does used oil analysis for many other large companies.

How the LubeScan program works

The first goal, when using a used oil analysis program, is to obtain a representative sample of the oil. Samples taken at normal drain intervals should be obtained mid-stream as the oil is drained from the unit. Samples taken in the middle of a drain interval will need to be obtained with a special suction tube device. Contact your lubricants district manager to order these.

The modest cost of the sample kit includes the pre- paid mail costs and the cost of the normally included tests. (Other testing may be available at additional cost to the customer.) Once all of the information regarding the sample has been included, send the sample to the address printed on the box. The lab, once they receive the sample, will issue a detailed report.

It is important that the information questionnaire provided in the kit be filled out completely so that a proper interpretation of the test results can be made. The test results will be appraised and a report issued to provide data results as well as an interpretation of what the data means. Some of the testing is done to identify contamination, and therefore, its possible sources; other testing is done to identify wear materials and which parts may be affected. The reverse side of the report details various sources of the many wear elements and contaminants LubeScan may detect. The information related to the customer allows the best possible maintenance planning and prevention.

For questions on the Lube Scan program or process, or to obtain Lube Scan kits, please call our Customer Care team at 1-800-328-9468.

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