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Farm-Oyl timeline collage

About us

Formulated for the latest high-tech engines and hydraulic systems, Farm-Oyl® lubricants are as relevant for your new equipment as they were for your dad's. And your granddad's. And maybe even your great-granddad's. Just prior to the Great Depression Era, the Farm-Oyl Company was founded by Charles E. Ekstrom in St. Paul, MN in July 1929. Check out the comprehensive timeline for more Farm-Oyl history.

A look back at our history 


1930 - Farm-Oyl introduces first Heavy-Duty Tractor Oil
1936 - First profitable year for Farm-Oyl
1937 - Lube's approved for I-H farm equipment


1946 – Minneapolis Barber Co. warehouse and shipping point established
1947 – Chicago Barber Co. warehouse and shipping point established (Shipping now St. Paul, Mpls and Chicago)
1948 – Farm-Oyl introduces first merchandiser (Display stand) to support Re-Sale
1948 – Farm-Oyl introduces first Heavy-Duty Tractor Oil


1950 – Multi purpose Lithium Grease is introduced
1952 – Introduction of Hydra-trans (H-T fluid)
1953 – Industry’s first Grease cartridge introduced
1953 – Farm-Oyl launches Loopton Transportation Division
1954 – Golden Glo Grease (with sperm oil) introduced


1962 – Farm-Oyl adds Hydraulic Parts to its product line
1968 – Robert E. Larson is elected President


1970 – Slippery Goo is introduced - Industry’s first super grease with its awarded trademark protection
1970 – Farm-Oyl introduces industry’s first 2 1/2 jug (5 gallon twin pack)
1976 – 2 1/2 jug is introduced to the upper Midwest market
1979 – 50th Corporate Anniversary


1982 – AG-Master, the first truly all purpose tractor fluid, for all tractors
1983 – Plant Warehouse distribution center moves to South St. Paul
1983 – Total Treat diesel fuel improver added to product line
1983 – Farm-Oyl receives Quatrol License #17 from John Deere
1984 – Introduction of Fluid Gear Grease (NLGI 00)
1986 – Introduction of Premiere diesel engine oil, the first truly high performance diesel engine engine oil with Euro technology
1988 – Plant and Warehouse moved to Vandalia Ave location - St. Paul Nor-Lakes Services Inc Founded
1988 – Premiere diesel engine oil wins “AG Engineering Award” for outstanding field performance


1992 – Farm-Oyl introduces Premiere Straight Grade
1994 – Premiere 2000, a synthetic blend engine oil, is introduced
1994 – Introduction of Ultra Diesel Extended Life engine coolant
1995 – Farm-Oyl introduces Poly Supreme (NLGI #2), a polyurea based long life grease
1995 – Ultra Diesel Pre-mix, a 50/50 blended extended life engine coolant is introduced
1996 – Farm-Oyl introduces Ag-Master 2000, a synthetic blend of its top selling universal hydraulic/tractor fluid


2000 – New distribution and manufacturing plant in Hugo, MN. The first state of the art Farm-Oyl plant (terminaling, blending, packaging, warehousing)
2004 – 75th Anniversary Year of Farm-Oyl
2007 – Farm-Oyl acquired by CHS
2007 – Farm-Oyl products upgraded & approved for API’s new CJ-4 specifications
2008 – Farm-Oyl celebrated its 80th year anniversary & awarded a commemorative plaque to its Top 50 dealers
2009 – Introduced Power Perks Incentive Program to reward active customers


2013 – Farm-Oyl introduced branding refresh to align with overall objectives
2017 – Farm-Oyl products upgraded and approved for API’s new CK-4 specifications
2019 – Farm-Oyl celebrated its 90th anniversary and awarded a commemorative plaque to its top dealers

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