The superior frictional characteristics and material compatibility of Farm-Oyl® transmission fluids ensure quality and consistent performance in shifting, brake operation and wear protection in all types of transmissions. We rigorously test our lubricants to exceed the demands of heavy-duty applications.

  • Automatic Transmission Fluid DM

    Automatic Transmission Fluid DM is a premium multifunctional power transmission fluid for all makes of cars, not just GM. Automatic Transmission Fluid DM will continue to meet Allison C-4 specification.

  • Synthetic CD-50

    Synthetic CD-50 (SAE 50) non-EP synthetic lubricant is designed to meet or exceed performance requirements for manual transmissions in over-the-road trucks and off-road heavy-duty trucks.

  • TO-4 Fluid Transmission and Drive Train

    TO-4 Fluids are specifically formulated SAE 10, SAE 30 and 50 oils designed to meet Caterpillar’s latest Transmission and Drive Train Lubricant specification. TO-4 supersedes and replaces Caterpillar TO-2 requirements.