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Synthetic CD-50

Transmission oil

Synthetic CD-50 (SAE 50) non-EP synthetic lubricant is designed to meet or exceed performance requirements for manual transmissions in over-the-road trucks and off-road heavy-duty trucks.

Features & benefits

  • Oil durability: Designed to protect transmissions against higher torque and horsepower in severe service. Improved high temperature oxidation and thermal stability results in longer oil life by minimizing sludge and varnish deposits.
  • Oil pumpability: Outstanding low temperature performance results in quicker lubrication to moving parts, less wear, and easier shifting during cold weather operation.
  • All-climate performance: Can be used year-round over wide temperature ranges eliminating the need for seasonal changes.
  • Fuel economy: Has the potential for improved fuel economy over mineral oils with its excellent cold flow properties and resistance to internal friction.
  • Reduced cost and down time: As a result of longer transmission life, reduced maintenance is needed, along with fewer oil changes.

Excellent performance

  • Fleets equipped with manual transmissions and interested in extended oil drain intervals
  • Fleets equipped with manual transmissions and interested in extended oil drain intervals
  • Fleets interested in ease of shifting, reduced down time, better fuel economy and year-round

Typical uses

  • Manual transmissions in over-the-road and off-road trucks
  • Typical specifications
    SAE viscosity grade  50
    ISO viscosity grade 150
    Kinematic viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D-445) 160.97
    Kinematic viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D-445) 18.63
    Viscosity index (ASTM D-2270) 133
    SAE viscosity grade 50
    Pour point, °C (°F) (ASTM D-97) -33 (-27)
    Flash point, °C (°F) (ASTM D-92) 249 (480)
    Fire point, °C (°F) (ASTM D-92) 276 (529)
    Color Red
    Four ball wear test @ 40kg, 75°C, 1200 rpm -
    1 hr, scar diameter, mm (ASTM D-4172B) 0.38
    Copper corrosion 121°C (250°F) 3 hr. (ASTM D-130) lb (pass)
    Foam tendency sequence I/II/III 0/0/0 (pass)

  • Recommended for

    Synthetic CD-50 full synthetic manual transmission lubricant meets or exceeds the following performance requirements:


    PS-164 Rev. 7 for extended drain intervals and warranty coverage


    TO-A Plus


    TMS 6816



    Arvin Meritor

    (Rockwell) O-81 API MT-1, GL-1 

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