Automatic Transmission Fluid DM (ATF)

General Information

Automatic Transmission Fluid DM is a premium multifunctional power transmission fluid for all makes of cars, not just GM. Automatic Transmission Fluid DM will continue to meet Allison C-4 specification. It also meets pre-2006 GM and Ford vehicle requirements. Automatic Transmission Fluid DM has a high viscosity index combined with excellent low temperature properties making this an excellent hydrostatic fluid as well as an automatic transmission fluid. It should not be used in applications calling for Dexron® VI, Mercon® V, SP, and Type F, Chrysler ATF +3,+4, CVT, and 6-speed transmissions.

Features and Benefits

  • Frictional Properties: Outstanding frictional characteristics provide smooth shifting and excellent retention of shifting performance throughout the service interval.
  • High Temperature Protection : Excellent oxidation and sludge protection for high transmission temperatures experienced by modern cars.
  • Cold Flow: Superior cold temperature flow characteristics assures ease of pumping and good shifting capabilities, even at extremely low temperatures.

Excellent Performance In

Owners and Operators of:

  • Most GM and Ford automobiles and light trucks
  • Allison C-4 applications
  • Selected hydraulic systems

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Suitable for use in all applications where manufacturers recommend:

Dexron® III–H,G

Dexron® IIE

Dexron® II


Type A, Suffix A


Ford M2C-138CJ

Ford M2C-166H

Ford Type H

Allison C-4

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