Poly Supreme Grease

General Information

Poly Supreme is advanced technology poly-urea based grease. Poly Supreme outperforms traditional “soap” based greases with excellent low temperature properties, unsurpassed water wash out resistance and unparalleled shear stability. Poly Supreme has the ability to soften as it is worked giving it the ability to flow into contact areas. Afterwards it “heals” or returns to its original consistency. This feature is not found in soap-based greases.

Features and Benefits

  • Long Life: Superior resistance to oxidation, thermal break down and oil separation providing longer grease life
  • Extreme Pressure Performance: Excellent extreme pressure, film strength, and adhesion properties reduce wear and maintenance costs
  • Water Washout Resistance: The nature of the unique non-soap formulation gives it the ability to resist water spray-off and washout while staying in place under wet conditions
  • Wide Operating Range: A dropping point over 500°F demonstrates this greases ability to handle high temperatures. It has a continuous operating temperature range of -25°F to 350°F
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection: Excellent rust and corrosion prevention leads to prolonged protection under wet conditions

Excellent Performance in These Applications

  • General machine lubrication
  • High temperature applications
  • Wet and harsh environments
  • Shock and heavy load conditions
  • Chassis and wheel bearings

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
  • Fleet, Construction, Industrial bearings
  • Chassis and Wheel bearings (GC-LB)
  • Ball and universal joints
  • Crushers, pumps, conveyers

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