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Golden-Glo is a lithium-based grease designed for use in conventional applications requiring good grease lubrication. An economical grease lubricant, Golden-Glo is capable of handling a wide range of greasing needs with good low temperature pump ability.

Features & benefits

  • Cold temperature performance: The high-quality base oils used provide excellent cold temperature performance
  • Reduced oil separation: The special polymers reduce the oil separation tendency during storage and inactivity
  • Extreme pressure performance: The extreme pressure additives provide excellent prevention of wear and the capability to withstand heavy shock loading
  • Resists water washout: The soap thickener provides excellent resistance to water washout

Recommended use

Golden Glo is recommended where the equipment manufacturer recommends:

  • Multipurpose #2 EP grease
  • NLGI Service Classification LB
  • General chassis type lubricant

Typical uses

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Light trucks
  • Passenger cars
  • Typical specifications
    NLGI #   2
    Thicker type   Lithium
    Color   Light amber
    Penetration (60 strokes) ASTM D-217 265-295
    Dropping point ASTM D-566 360°F
    Timken OK load ASTM D-2509 40
    Four ball EP - weld load KGS ASTM D-2596 250
    Rust prevention rating ASTM D-1743 1
    Oxidation stability - PSI loss @ 100 hrs ASTM D-942 5

    Base oil

    Viscosity @ 100°F, cSt ASTM D-445 220
    Viscosity @ 210°F, cSt ASTM D-445 16.8
    Pour point ASTM D-97 5°F
    Flash point ASTM D-92 450°F

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