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Moly Plus Grease


Moly Plus is a high performance #2 lithium complex grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Moly Plus is an excellent grease for most applications because of its high dropping point and EP properties. Moly Plus offers superior lubricating qualities where the advantages of a residual film of molybdenum disulfide gives added protection over conventional multi-purpose greases.

Features & benefits

  • Extreme pressure performance: Excellent extreme pressure properties reduce wear and maintenance costs where applicable
  • Long life: Enhanced oxidative and thermal stability lead to longer grease life
  • Moly content: Moly Plus contains Molybdenum Disulfide (“Moly”) as recommended by some manufacturers
  • Shock loading: The moly additive exhibits excellent resistance to wear from shock loading
  • High dropping point: A dropping point over 500°F demonstrates Moly Plus’s ability to handle high temperatures
  • Rust and corrosion protection: Excellent rust and corrosion prevention leads to prolonged equipment life
  • Seal compatibility: Excellent seal compatibility decreases degradation and swelling of seal materials

Excellent performance

  • High temperature applications
  • Moist environments
  • Shock load conditions
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Wheel bearings

Typical uses

  • Construction
  • Excavating
  • Mining
  • Typical specifications
    NLGI #   2
    Thicker type   Lithium complex
    Color   Black
    Penetration (60 strokes) ASTM D-217 265-295
    Dropping point ASTM D-566 500°F+
    Timken OK load ASTM D-2509 60
    Weld load KGF ASTM D-2596 500
    Load wear index ASTM D-2596 53
    Rust prevention rating ASTM D-1743 1,1,1
    Oxidation stability - PSI loss @ 100 hrs ASTM D-942 5
    Oxidation stability - PSI loss @ 500 hrs ASTM D-942 7
    Oxidation stability - PSI loss @ 1,000 hrs ASTM D-942 10
    Water washout @ 100°F % max ASTM D-1264 5
    Water washout @ 175°F % max ASTM D-1264 10

    Base oil

    Viscosity @ 100°F, cSt ASTM D-445 170
    Viscosity @ 210°F, cSt ASTM D-445 12.4
    Pour point ASTM D-97 -10°F
    Flash point ASTM D-92 512°F

  • Recommended for
    • NLGI service GC-LB
    • High temperature operations
    • Severe load applications
    • Shock loading applications
    • Equipment requiring Moly content in the grease
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