Fluid Gear Grease

General Information

Fluid Gear Grease is high performance #00 grade lithium-based grease designed for special agricultural equipment applications. Fluid Gear Grease offers superior lubricating qualities when compared to gear oils, as well as providing resistance to leakage, a common problem in many gear housings. It can be used in worm gears on spreaders and box harvesters, stationary right angle drives, rototillers, corn heads and pickers, enclosed knife or sickle drives on combines, windrowers and conditioners, and track roller assemblies. It also is an excellent multi-purpose grease when temperatures are below 50°F.

Features and Benefits

  • Cold Temperature Performance: The high quality base oils used provide excellent cold temperature performance
  • Reduced Oil Separation: The special polymers reduce the oil separation tendency during storage and inactivity
  • Extreme Pressure Performance: The extreme protection additives provide excellent prevention of wear and the capability to withstand heavy shock loading
  • Resists Water Washout: The soap thickener provides excellent resistance to water washout

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Fluid Gear Grease is recommended where the equipment manufacturer recommends:
  • Multipurpose #00 EP grease
  • Semi Fluid type grease
Excellent Performance in:
  • Agricultural equipment operators & shops
  • Industrial equipment operators

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