Ag-Master 2000 (Full Synthetic Hydraulic Tractor Fluid)

General Information

Ag-Master 2000 is a full synthetic with extreme low temperature characteristics. Ag-Master 2000 is flowable to -50°F which makes it the fluid of choice for many outside hydraulics applications, such as hoists, log splitters, and hydraulic jacks. It is also the primary recommendation for all farm equipment utilizing a single fluid to lubricate the final drive, transmission, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems that need to be operable at subzero temperatures. Ag-Master 2000 is also formulated for hydrostatic drives. It’s resistance to wear from high hydraulic pressures make it the best fluid for hydrostatic systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Viscosity Stability: The full synthetic blend formulation is a high viscosity index product with excellent shear stability, providing superior cold flow and high temperature viscosity performance and retention
  • Pumping Efficiency: Retains viscosity at high temperatures and minimizes viscosity shear loss which increases hydraulic power output at all operating temperatures
  • Low Temperature Performance: Excellent fluidity and superb hydraulic system operation at subzero temperatures
  • Chatter-Free: Outstanding frictional properties which reduce annoyance and damage caused by wet brake chatter
  • Compatibility: Prolongs life of oil seals and hydraulic hoses, reducing down time
  • Wear Protection: Protects gears, pumps and other parts from wear due to high loads, therefore extending equipment life
  • System Cleanliness: Keeps all system parts clean and varnish free for smooth operation
  • Oil Durability: Superior oxidation control reduces oil degradation from high operating temperatures providing longer oil life

Excellent Performance In

  • All brands of tractors that have a common sump for transmissions, hydraulics, differentials and wet brakes
  • High and low temperature operations
  • Wear and oxidation control
  • Preventing wet brake chatter
  • Viscosity retention
  • Agriculture, off-highway and construction equipment calling for J20-C, THF or UTTO Fluid

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:

Power Fluid 821, 821 XL

C-2 (Obsolete), C-3 (Obsolete), and C-4

Case IH
Hy-Tran®, Hy-Tran® Plus, Hy-Tran® Ultra. MAT-3505, MS- 1210, 1209, 1207, 1206, JIC144/145, Power PRF


Power Fluid 821

M2C-34 A,B,C,D, M2C-41B, M2C-53 A,B, M2C-86B, MAT-3525

Oliofiat Tutela Multi F

John Deere
Hy-Gard J20 C/A, JD 303, J14 C/B

Kubota UDT Fluid, Transdraulic Fluid

Massey Ferguson 
M-1145, 1143, Permatran III, MF-1127A/B, MF1129A

Hydraulic/ Transmission Fluid 1700

HyGear Fluid, Specification 23

AG ONE, Universal Fluid, Type 55, Q-1826 HTF

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