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Vacuum Pump Oil

Rust and oxidation inhibited oil

Vacuum Pump Oil is a top-quality rust and oxidation inhibited oil designed to provide excellent service in vacuum pumps, hydraulic circulating lubrication systems, small air compressors and a wide variety of other applications. The inhibitors formulated into Vacuum Pump Oil make it highly resistant to oxidation and give it a longer service than most conventional oils.

Features & benefits

  • High viscosity index: High viscosity index minimizes viscosity changes related to temperature variations
  • Anti-wear: Additives and high-quality base oil control wear and extend equipment life
  • Foam control: Special anti-foam agent promotes the rapid break up of air bubbles to reduce entrainment and promote oil and equipment life and performance
  • Oxidation control: Excellent oxidation and thermal stability provides extended oil and equipment life

Excellent performance

Specially developed for dairy operations, Vacuum Pump Oil meets the most demanding industry conditions, with:

  • An anti-foam agent
  • Superior anti-wear ingredients
  • Superior low-temperature performance
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Hand oilers for machine parts, bearings, cams, gears, etc.
  • Typical specifications
    SAE viscosity grade SAE J-300 10 20
     API gravity lbs/gal  ASTM D-287  30.3  30.4/7.28
     Viscosity @ 40°C  ASTM D-445  32.3 cSt  71.6 cSt
     Viscosity @ 100°C  ASTM D-445  5.5 cSt  9.7 cSt
     Viscosity index  ASTM D-2270  107  101
     Pour point F(/C)  ASTM D-97  /-28F  /-33(-36)
     Flash point, COC  ASTM D-92  410F  480F
     Fire point, COC  ASTM D-92  445F  525F
     Color  ASTM D-1500  2.5  1.5
     Zinc, wt. %  ASTM D-881  0.04  0.04

  • Recommended for

    Recommended for rotary and piston-type vacuum pumps such as Boumatic, Delaval, Surge, Universal and Massport.

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