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Diatomaceous earth (DE) absorbent

Floor-Dry brand diatomaceous earth (DE) absorbent is highly purified and calcined (kiln-fired) for superior absorbent qualities. The unique structure of the diatomite provides Floor-Dry with greater pore space. Because of this, pound for pound it absorbs more liquid than any other mineral on the market today. In fact, Floor-Dry absorbs twice as much liquid as calcined clay and 22% more than the competing DE absorbent. Floor-Dry cleans up spills with no slippery residue or film, making the clean-up area safer, and because you use less, there is less disposal of used material.

Features & benefits

  • Absorbs more liquid per bag than the competition
  • Using less material saves time and money
  • Lightweight bag reduces back strain
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for landfill disposal
  • Promotes safety by reducing slip hazards
  • USDA approved in food processing plants
  • Floor-Dry is recyclable

Typical uses

  • Automotive businesses: dealers, repair garages, body shops
  • Trucks and heavy equipment: truck stops, fuel islands
  • Airports: general maintenance, ramp and fuel areas
  • Transportation services: buses, taxis, shuttles
  • Emergency responders: fire and police departments, hazmat
  • Industrial warehouses and plants
  • Waste management companies
  • Railroad and salvage yard
  • Typical specifications
    Product Oil absorption % by weight  No. of quarts absorbed per bag  No. of quarts product absorb 1 qt. oil
    Farm-Oyl® 24 qt. 90 9.3 2.5
    ULTRASORB™ 25 lb. 68 8.7 3.4
    OIL DRI™ 40 lb. 30 6.1 3.9
    CAN DRY™ 40 lb. 49 8.5 3.5
    HI DRI™ 40 lb. 41 8.4 3.5

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