Chain Bar Oil

General Information

Chain Bar Oil is formulated to extend equipment life with its unique “multi-grade” viscosity, which is optimum for cold weather start-up as well as protection during “hot” operation. Chain Bar Oil resists rust, corrosion and resinous buildup, while it penetrates, lubricates, and improves chain life. It resists fling off and oil loss better than summer grade oils, making it a truly year-round product.

Features and Benefits

  • Extra Tackiness: High treat levels of tackiness additive lead to better retention of oil on the chain bar and drive sprockets
  • Wear Prevention: Effective anti-wear agents reduce wear in the critical areas and optimize the life of the saw and its chain
  • Cleaning Agents: Special additives reduce the pitch buildup on the chain and drive sprocket, thereby reducing maintenance and down time

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
use in all brands of chain saws – including today’s high performance and industrial saws, as well as older models.

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