Golden-Glo Grease

General Information

Golden-Glo is a lithium-based grease designed for use in conventional applications requiring good grease lubrication. An economical grease lubricant, Golden-Glo is capable of handling a wide range of greasing needs with good low temperature pump ability.

Features and Benefits

  • Cold Temperature Performance: The high quality base oils used provide excellent cold temperature performance
  • Reduced Oil Separation: The special polymers reduce the oil separation tendency during storage and inactivity
  • Extreme Pressure Performance: The extreme pressue additives provide excellent prevention of wear and the capability to withstand heavy shock loading
  • Resists Water Washout: The soap thickener provides excellent resistance to water washout

Typical Specifications

Typical Application

Golden Glo is recommended where the equipment manufacturer recommends:

  • Multipurpose #2 EP grease
  • NLGI Service Classification LB
  • General chassis type lubricant

Typical Customer

  • Agricultural Equipment Operators & Shops
  • Industrial Equipment Operators
  • Truck Service Shops
  • Auto Service Shops
Recommended For:
  • Agriculture equipment operators and shops
  • Industrial equipment operations
  • Truck service shops
  • Auto service shops

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