Gear Master - Multi Purpose Gear Oil (80W-90, 85W-140)

General Information

Gear-Master Multi-Purpose 80W-90/85W-140 gear oils are multi-purpose straight mineral gear lubricants. They are designed to meet the widest range of needs for both off- and on-highway vehicles including trucking, agriculture, construction and industrial equipment. They are made from high quality base oils using a modern sulfur-phosphorous extreme pressure additive system that provides wear resistance, oxidation stability, and rust/corrosion protection. Gear-Master Multi-Purpose gear oils also provide excellent protection against shock loading of gears.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced Wear: Superior extreme pressure (EP) properties reduce wear in heavily loaded gear sets where hydrodynamic lubrication may not be complete
  • Oil Durability: Excellent oxidation stability reduces oil degradation from high temperatures and enables long drain intervals
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection: Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion assures protection of the gear box materials from contaminates
  • Foam Control: Superior foam reduction aids in reducing oxidation and fluid breakdown

Excellent Performance in These Applications

Owners and operators of:

  • API GL-5, MT-1
  • Mil-PRF-2105E, SAE J2360
  • DAN
  • Eaton
  • Arvin Meritor (Rockwell) 076-B,E,N,Q, and 0-80
  • Navistar TMS 6816
  • Mack GO-J Plus, GO-J
  • Limited Slip Differential

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Gear Master can be used in differentials, axles, final drives and manual transmissions calling for a GL-5/ MT-1/EP gear lubricant:
  • Trucks, Tractors, Construction
  • On road/off road
  • Hypoid and bevel gear differentials
  • Limited slip (top off only in cars/light trucks)
  • Industrial equipment

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