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Low Ash

Low ash oil for natural gas engine – 10W, 30 

Low Ash engine oil is a proven engine lubricant designed for older diesel and gasoline engines calling for a lower ash straight grade oil. Low Ash engine oil is proven to protect against sludge, varnish, engine wear, acid accumulation, TBN loss and excessive oil consumption. The robust additive package contains:

  • High viscosity index base oils
  • Anti-wear agents
  • Detergents/dispersants
  • Antioxidants
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Anti-foam agents

Features & benefits

  • Oil durability: High quality paraffinic base oils provide good oxidation control. This translates to longer oil life at higher operating temperatures.
  • Wear protection: Protects critical parts from premature wear
  • Oil pumpability: Provides enhanced pumping capabilities for improved oil circulation and reduced engine wear during cold start-ups.
  • Specially formulated for use in high output gas fuel engines.
  • Deposit control: Multiple engine tests have demonstrated tremendous engine cleanliness in critical areas.
  • Oil consumption control: Reduced deposits and superior wear protection lead to good control over excessive oil consumption.
  • TBN retention: Excellent Total Base Number (TBN) retention, to neutralize harmful engine deposits to keep detergents and dispersants protecting your engine throughout the drain interval.
  • Typical specifications
    SAE viscosity grade 10W 30
    API service CF CF-2, CF/SE
    API gravity lbs/gal 30.7/7.26 29.4/7.32
    Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 45 90.7
    Viscosity @ 100°C 7.3 11.5
    Viscosity index 100 100
    Pour point, °F (°C) -44 (-42) -33 (-36)
    MRV-TP1 viscosity, P @ °C 140 @ -30 --
    CCS viscosity, cP @ °C 55 @ -25 --
    Total base no. (TBN), (D 2896) 10 10
    Sulfated ash wt. % 0.9 0.9

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