Synthetic-Blend - High Performance

General Information

A unique synthetic blend, low ash formulation which provides superior engine protection in high performance 2-cycle engines, including: Polaris-VES, Arctic Cat- Power Valve, and Ski-Doo Rave. Enhanced lubricity with synthetic formulation. Prevents piston scuffing and reduces friction. Minimizes carbon buildup on exhaust valves and prevents plug fouling. Provides effective rust and corrosion protection. Provides exceptional low temperature performance in both injection and pre-mix applications. Low smoke formulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Engine Cleanliness: Advanced low ash formula keeps engines clean at very high operating temperatures found in high performance air-cooled engines. Meets or exceeds API TC, JASO FB and JASO FC quality standards.
  • Wear Prevention: Careful synthetic and conventional base stock selection provides engine protection under heavy loads and extended operation at full power by preventing scuffing and wear at high operating temperatures.
  • Ease of Mixing: Formulated to allow easier mixing with gasoline at all temperatures.
  • Gas-to-Oil Ratio: Advanced formulation allows Synthetic Blend to be used at any gasoline/oil ratio recommended by engine manufacturers, including oil injection systems.
  • Comfort: Synthetic blend provides cleaner burning low-smoke and low-odor performance.

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Owners and operators of:

  • Air-cooled, 2-cycle powered, outdoor power equipment
  • Chain saws
  • Power Generators
  • Motorcycles
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Garden equipment
  • Facilities that repair the previously listed equipment

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