Hi-Performance - 2-Cycle (Ashless Engine Oil)

General Information

Hi-Performance 2-Cycle Engine Oil is an advanced formulation oil designed for use in direct injection or premixed 2-cycle engines. This oil is formulated to give outstanding performance in snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft, outboard motors, lawn and garden equipment and motorcycles. This oil provides better detergency and lubricity than other formulations of 2-cycle oil. A -50°F pour point also makes this an excellent oil for snowmobiles.

Features and Benefits

  • Deposit Protection: Reduces ring sticking, carbon buildup in combustion chambers and spark plugs resulting in increased engine efficiency and economy.
  • Wear Prevention : Careful base stock and additive selection provides lubricity and film strength under a full range of engine operating conditions protecting against cylinder scuffing and bearing wear resulting in increased engine life.
  • Reduced Smoke: A unique balance of components produces less smoke to improve environmental concerns and riding comfort.
  • Direct Injection or Pre-Mix: This advanced formulation allows operators to use any gasoline/oil ratio recommended by engine manufacturers. A special solvent allows easy mixing at low temperatures. Contains a blue dye for easy detection.

Excellent Performance In

Owners and Operators of:

  • Outboards, personal watercraft
  • ATV’s, motorcycles
  • Chain saws (low output)
  • Mowers, weed trimmers, leaf blowers
  • Small engine repair facilities
  • Marinas

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
2-cycle water- cooled and air- cooled engines, direct injection or pre-mix, where the manufacturer calls for:

  • NMMA TC-W3
  • TC-WII™
  • TC-W™
  • API TC
  • ISO EG-B 2-cycle ashless engine oil

Recommended for snowmobiles with power valves. Those that might require the use of full synthetic oils should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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