Premiere - Multi-Grade (Diesel Engine Oil - 10W-30, 15W-40)

General Information

Premiere Multi-Grade engine oil is an advanced technology, high performance engine oil designed to exceed the requirements of all heavy-duty engine manufacturers. Its high temperature, high-shear formulation makes it resistant to viscosity breakdown in both gasoline and diesel engines and provides excellent cold weather start-up. Premiere is high detergent/dispersant oil that keeps the engine free of varnish and sludge that guarantees longer engine life. Premiere engine oil contains proprietary additive chemistry with select base oils and a unique VI improver that has been proven in many engine types and extensive field service. Premiere is proven to protect diesel particle filter (DPF) against ash buildup. In addition, it provides improved engine protection from soot, deposits, varnish, wear, acid accumulation, TBN retention, viscosity shear loss, and oil consumption.

Features and Benefits

  • Oil Durability: Highly refined base oils provide additional oxidation control and reduced sulfur. This translates to longer oil life at higher operating temperatures
  • Emission and Catalyst Protection: Specifically designed to protect catalyst, particulate filters, and other emission components providing less engine down time
  • TBN Control: A high Total Base Number (TBN) and excellent TBN retention means that more combustion contaminants (deposits, soot, acids) can be neutralized during the course of a drain interval
  • Exceptional Soot Control: Proven soot control that exceeds the requirements of both new and older engines. Controlling and dispersing soot is critical for reducing engine wear and extending engine life
  • Deposit and Consumption Control: Engine and field testing confirms the excellent reduction of deposits and oil consumption leading to longer engine life, emission, and (DPF) system life
  • Reserve Protection: Premiere features the extra reserve built into the oil. This reserve capacity suspends additional soot, neutralizes additional acids and reduces wear for longer engine life
  • Extended Drain: Premiere is capable of extended drain service with new and older engines using today’s fuels. This should be determined with Lubescan® used oil analysis program

Excellent Performance in

  • High-speed four-stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines
  • 2017 and newer low emission engines with exhaust after treatments devices
  • Pre-2017 engines specifying older API or OEM oil performance categories
  • When using ultra low or low sulfur diesel fuel

Typical Customer

Operations of heavy-duty diesel engines:

  • Agricultural diesel engines operating in severe conditions
  • Truck fleets with new low emission compliant engines or older engines
  • Construction diesel engines operating under heavily loaded conditions
  • Diesel passenger cars and light trucks
  • Diesel stationary engines, irrigation, and standby generators
  • Ag OEMs including John Deere, Case IH, AGCO and Mahindra

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Premiere is designed to meet or exceed the performance requirements of API and OEM service categories:

20081, 20071, 20072*, 20076*, 20077*, 20078


Detroit Diesel
93K218/15/14, 7SE270

EO-O Premium Plus, EO-N Premium Plus, EO-M


Mercedes Benz
228.3*, Global DHD-1*

E7-08/E9-08, JASO DH-2, MIL L 2104E/F

C 4/3*

*SAE 15W-40

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