GP-3 All Purpose Engine Oil - 10W, 30, 40, 50

GP-3 All Purpose Engine Oil is a top quality, severe duty straight grade diesel engine oil. It gives maximum protection in farm equipment, earth moving equipment, highway vehicles, and other equipment used for severe, heavy duty service and meets all OEM specifications for a straight grade heavy-duty diesel engine oil.

Features and Benefits

  • Oil Durability: High quality paraffinic base oils afford good oxidation control. This translates to longer oil life at higher operating temperatures
  • Wear Protection: Protects critical parts from premature wear
  • Oil Pumpability: GP-3 pumps better than industry requirements, improving oil circulation and reducing engine wear during cold start-ups
  • Deposit Control: Multiple engine tests have demonstrated tremendous engine cleanliness in critical areas
  • Oil Consumption Control: Reduced deposits and superior wear protection lead to good control over oil consumption
  • TBN Retention: Excellent Total Base Number (TBN) retention, which indicates that the detergents and dispersants protecting your engine remain active throughout the drain interval

Excellent Performance in

  • Older 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines calling for a 30 or 40 grade
  • Meets ash requirement for Detroit Diesel 149, 53, 71, and 92 series 2-stroke engines
  • Stationary engines, such as irrigation and standby generators
  • Off-highway agricultural and construction equipment

Typical Customer

Operations of:

  • Older agricultural and construction diesel and gasoline engines
  • Some hydraulics and transmission applications
  • Stationary engines, such as irrigation and stand-by generators

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Hydraulic systems calling for 10W engine oil and a minimum zinc level of 900 ppm.

C-4, C-3 (10W) Manual transmissions such as ArvinMeritor, DanaSpicer, EatonFuller calling for a 30 or 50 grade mineral oil.

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