Gear Master Gold (75W-90 - Full Synthetic)

General Information

Gear-Master Gold 75W-90 gear oil is a full synthetic multi-purpose extreme pressure GL-5 gear oil designed to provide optimum performance in the upper Midwest cold temperature climate. It has outstanding shear resistance, oxidation and thermal stability to minimize sludge and varnish buildup when used in extended drain applications. Gear-Master Gold 75W-90 has excellent load carrying capacity that reduces wear along with rust and corrosion.

Features and Benefits

  • Fuel Economy: Provides improved fuel economy and performance when compared to conventional gear lubes such as 80W-90
  • All Weather Protection: Outstanding oil pumpability at cold temperatures for quicker lubrication and less gear resistance while maintaining a heavy lubrication film at high operating temperatures
  • Oil Durability: Improved wear and oxidation resistance in extended drain service resulting in longer oil and equipment life
  • Lower Operating Costs: Drain intervals under OEM programs leads to more driving time, less down time for repairs and oil changes allowing better equipment utilization and profits
  • Outstanding Protection: Against low-speed/high torque wear and high speed scoring

For maximum performance and compatibility, do not mix mineral and synthetic gear lubricants.

Excellent Performance in These Applications

Owners and operators of:

  • Truck, bus, and off-highway equipment that will benefit from a full synthetic EP gear lubricant
  • Fleets interested in fuel economy improvement
  • Fleets interested in extended oil drain intervals and reduced down time
  • API GL-5, MT-1
  • Mil-PRF-2105E, SAE J2360
  • DANA Shaes 256 Rev C, 429 Rev A
  • Eaton PS-163, 037, 109
  • Arvin Meritor (Rockwell) 076-B,E,N,Q, and 0-80
  • Navistar TMS 6816
  • Mack GO-J Plus, GO-J
  • Harnischfeger (P&H) 474
  • General Electric D50E9C
  • Spicer axles

Typical Specifications

Recommended For:
Gear Master can be used in differentials, axles, final drives and manual transmissions calling for a GL-5/ MT-1/EP gear lubricant:
  • Trucks, Tractors, Construction
  • On road/off road
  • Hypoid and bevel gear differentials
  • Limited slip
  • Industrial equipment

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